What is Responsive Design?

Responsive website design is a website that automatically resizes and adapts it’s design and layout to the device or platform that it is being viewed on.

Companies used to build separate desktop and mobile versions of their website to achieve this however these days the most effective and best method is to build one responsive website.

With an increasing number of internet and website users accessing the web using smartphones & tablets. Its becoming increasingly important to be ready for them with a responsive website that is fully optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Website users now expect to be able to access your website content on their computer, tablet & mobile devices. If they can’t…they will move on quickly. 

Why use Responsive Web Design?

  • Usability – Making sure your website is user friendly & optimised for mobile, tablet, normal & widescreen monitors & are cross-browser tested. Did you know over 80% of online browsing is on mobile platforms now?
  • Search Engine Presence: Keeping one website up to date is better than having separate mobile and desktop websites that have less information or are updated less often.
  • Consistency: Responsive web design gives your users a consistent look, feel & experience that they can recognise.
  • Cost: Building one single responsive site is generally more cost effective than building seperate desktop and mobile sites.

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Did you know?

Changes to Google’s algorithm that come into effect on 21st April 2015 mean that websites that adhere to responsive design are given priority in the search engine rankings over sites that are not responsive, adaptive and mobile-friendly.

Would you like to make an existing website responsive?

Luckily, we’re experts in updating non-responsive websites to be compliant and all our new-built sites are build with responsive design in mind from the outset!

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